Opera with Comcast's SmartZone

Comcast paid some people way too much money to write a new web-based e-mail client called SmartZone. This new interface is incompatible with the secure, fast and robust Opera Internet Browser. Fortunately, they were at least smart enough to implement a SmartZone Lite. Unfortunately, you must login to SmartZone to be able to change your preferences to be able to use the SmartZone Lite. But there's a problem: you can't get to it!

Many people are recommending that you login to SmartZone using Internet Explorer or FireFox. Unfortunately, that didn't even work for me. But I did find another solution that did work! In Opera, attempt to login to SmartZone. When you get to the stupid screen where it just sits there, press F12 and disable JavaScript. Press Ctrl-R to reload the page. A Zimbra error message will appear stating that JavaScript is disabled. If you read through the message, it provides a link to the "basic" version that doesn't require JavaScript. This is essentially SmartZone Lite. You can then click on the Preferences tab and change to always use SmartZone Lite. Just remember to click on Save. You can then press F12 and re-enable JavaScript, because I'm sure you'll need it on some other websites.